CRM Software for the Mac

One app to manage all your contacts, opportunities, email campaigns, appointments, tasks, documents, call notes and much more. An ideal CRM solution to help small businesses and sole traders who want to stay organised and be more productive.

People & Organisations

Capture and manage all your contacts, prospects, customers and partners in one central database.

Roles & Relationships

Link people and organisations together and manage their roles and relationships.

Track Communications

Track and manage notes and communications and more with your contacts.

Opportunity Management

Manage opportunities and track the sales progress with customisable sales pipelines.

Marketing Mail

With the integrated mMail module you can create groups, build marketing campaigns and easily send targeted bulk email and letters directly from Youmehub.

Manage Tasks and Appointments

Keep tabs on what needs to be done. Tasks and Appointments can be linked to contacts and assigned to specific users.


People & Organisations

Capture and manage all your contacts, prospects, customers and partners in one central database.


Record Activity
Add notes and track different types of communications with your customers.

Create Groups
Easily add contacts to groups. Use groups to segment your customers and send more focused sales & marketing communications.

Link Documents
Import documents and link them to contacts.

Custom Fields
Track additional information with Custom Fields. Custom Fields are extra fields that can be set with a custom label.

Roles & Relationships

Youmehub uses a universal person and organisation Party Data Model. Link Parties together and manage roles and relationships, allowing you to build connections, providing you with a comprehensive view of connections between people and organisations.

“Mike is currently an employee at Universal Case Ltd and also husband to Sally.”



mMail is a marketing mail module for creating marketing campaigns or mail shots. Manage mailing group subscriptions, choose from a list of predefined data tags and send personalised bulk HTML email and letters directly from within Youmehub.


Start from a predefined template and modify the design using the built-in editor. Or import your own custom HTML into the system.

Create targeted messages. Easily add an array of personalised data into your emails through the use of tags. Tags pull in data from your contacts database fields and custom fields. Personalise both subject lines and email content.

Target your email or mail campaign to the right people. You can send messages to a single group or multipal groups of people from within your contacts database.


Track sales opportunities from initial inquiry through to a close. Sales opportunities can be viewed all at once or filtered by user or stage.


Create your own sales process with custom pipelines and managing your leads as they enter and progress through your sales process.

Create Your Leads
Simply click on the add lead button and enter your lead details. Associate a lead with an organisation or prospect, record details about the lead, including description, value, target close date and probablility.


Multi-user Calendar

A multi-user calendar system for managing all your appointments. Create and manage multiple calendars and assign them to different users. You can toggle between month, week and day screens to view appointments.


Multiple Calenders
Create multiple calenders for individual users or shared calenders for groups.

Overlay Calendars
The multi-user calendar view displays several users calendars all at once, helping you see the big picture. Great for overseeing multiple users or office projects.


Keep tabs on what needs to be done. Tasks can be linked to contacts and assigned to specific users.


View of all active tasks or filter the view to a specific user.

Set Reminders
Set reminders to alert users of a pending task.

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